The Color Craze Continues…

Further proving the success of adult coloring books, Parade Magazine recently issued a news article ( Parade News Article ) on the benefits and joys of coloring as an adult. The article accessed popular coloring books for adults, mentioning the variety of genres, including a “Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch," featuring the famous British Actor who has played in "Star Trek" and the Oscar-nominated film “The Imitation Game."  Recently, BrownTrout’s Color Your World line includes 2016 calendar products, such as a wall calendar, desk pad, engagement and pocket planner.

The article also emphasizes how the adult coloring book craze is still trending, becoming not only a sporadic fun activity from time to time, but developing into a hobby for adults. Unlike when we are kids, as adults, we can set aside time to color as a hobby, and it can become a daily activity to de-stress and unwind from other responsibilities. In Parade’s article, Psychologist Alice Domar, Ph.D. asserts that coloring utilizes both sides of the brain, which are required for creative and tactical activities, and as a result, can be more stimulating compared to doodling. 

Parade’s article also entails other benefits of adult coloring books- specifically in respects to collaboration and sharing. Some social media feeds (Pinterest for example) consist of designs and patterns, allowing people to share amongst each other different designs to color. Becoming more common in group therapies or with friends, people are starting to share the activity of coloring together in a group setting. Either way, the coloring craze continues to spread, as more people discover this fun and stress-free activity.  

Watch for BrownTrout Color Your World line of 2016 calendar products, including a wall calendar, desk pad, engagement and pocket planner.

Parade Magazine's Article on Adult Coloring Books