Minions Conquer at the Box Office

Debuting on July 10, “Minions” conquered at the box office their first weekend, outselling “Jurassic Park,” which was box office king consecutively each week since its premiere five weeks prior to “Minions."  Also, “Magic Mike” premiered July 1, debuting with $11.6 million over the film’s first weekend (Business Insider ). BrownTrout is a distributor of the official Minions and Magic Mike 2016 wall calendar.

According to Bloomberg Business, “Minions” became the second-biggest animated film debut at the box office in its first weekend Bloomberg’s Article on “Minions" ). “Minions” collected $115.7 million in the U.S. and Canada during its first weekend. As of the third weekend in July, “Minions” made a gross of $262 million, and was knocked off the top spot at the box office, by the premieres of “Ant Man” and “Pixels” (Box Office Mojo ). 

BrownTrout is a distributor of the official Minions and Magic Mike 2016 wall calendar.