BrownTrout 2021 Calendars

Pantone™ 2021 Fashion Journal Compact from BrownTrout™ Red

Pantone lifestyle products offer sophisticated, trend-focused minimalism to all consumers. Designed to accompany our line of Pantone Fashion Planners, this journal is the perfect accessory for busy professionals, creatives, and anyone who enjoys the power of color.

Bound with a sturdy, soft-touch laminate cover, the lined pages provide space for journaling, creative writing, or just plain notes and doodles. Four bonus seasonal sticker sheets tucked in the back pocket can be used freely in the journal, to coordinate with wardrobe, or however one feels the inspiration to add color and vibrancy to daily life!

Pantone™ 2021 5.25 x 8.25 Inch Fashion Journal Compact from BrownTrout™ Red