Listen to John Lennon

BrownTrout is pleased to share the approved 2016 licensed calendar title “John Lennon.” The new calendar embraces the music persona and spirit of John Lennon, while the cover displays Lennon’s dedication to peace and anti-war activism. The significance behind the “Listen to This Button” is rooted in the popular campaign for Lennon's number one solo album “Wall & Bridges.” Most are familiar with his music achievements through the Beatles, arguably the most influential and beloved rock bands in the twentieth century. After the breakup of the Beatles, Lennon transitioned into a solo career, further proving his stand-alone status as an artist, by creating his critically-acclaimed single “Imagine.” The single was listed as #3 in Rolling Stone magazine’s “All-Time Best Songs” list. Just before his last solo album “Double Fantasy,” Lennon was killed at age 40, ending the music legend’s life and career prematurely. Known as one of the most brilliant musicians of our time, John Lennon’s influence still resonates with old and young generations alike, demonstrating the John Lennon calendar as a must-have for any dedicated fan.