Catch ‘em all with “Pokémon GO”

The popular Japanese Anime TV Show, “Pokémon,” and BrownTrout's calendar title, has extended its reach from video games to the virtual world on our smart phones. “Pokémon GO” is the new mobile game for iPhone and Androids which creates a virtual reality for users, allowing fans to get lost in the beloved world of “Pokémon.” With this app, the player can see “Pokémon” in various locations, such as in local parks, downtown cities, and near famous historical monuments. The app overlaps the real world with “Pokémon,” while connecting players to other app users. This allows the world of “Pokémon” to be shared amongst people across the globe.  Conveniently, this can be downloaded as an app via Google Play Store on androids and for the iPhone via the App Store. The highly anticipated game should be released sometime in 2016.