BTS Photo Collection Second Edition Ad 2021

The Time of Magic with BTS

December is the time when holiday smashes return to the charts, racking up impressive streaming and sales numbers every year. Many of the same cuts rise to the upper reaches of the Billboard rankings over and over, proving themselves to be among the most successful compositions ever released... but this time around, nobody could beat BTS. In fact, the band is so beloved, they place two giant wins ahead of even the most beloved, time-tested carols. This week, BTS claim the two bestselling songs in the U.S., a rare occurrence for any star, let alone one that performs primarily in a language other than English.

The South Korean pop group has reached the top of the U.S. charts, united millions of fans around the world into a self-styled ARMY, shattered online viewing records and been part of a major IPO. BTS’ music privileges us with an opportunity of growing up with them. We have seen their music, range and lyrics evolve and age with time. Their style of artistry has never been done before and—although there may be attempts—it will never be done again.

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