Horse Lovers

Horse lovers can find the beauty of these animals through our 2016 calendar “Horse Lovers.” The charming nature of these animals make this calendar a must-have for any animal lover!

I Love Bacon!

What is there not to love about Bacon? Nothing! As some Bacon lovers would say! Discover the ‘king of breakfast’ with our “I Love Bacon” 2016 calendar!


Dog lovers’ Calendar!

Known as a loyal companion, the German Shepherd is one of the most lovable dogs around! All dog lovers cannot resist our German Shepherds’ calendar! Show your love of the German Shepherd and get your calendar today!

“Mockingjay Part 2” flies high at the Box Office

Undisputed as one of the biggest movie franchises, Lionsgate has just released its final installment of the Hunger Games' series: "Mockingjay Part 2." The exciting conclusion to the epic tale of Katniss Everdeen, surrounds the nation of Panem, a divided dystopian society during a time of civil war. The heroine Katniss aims to save a dystopian society from a horrific fate, and the story has managed to grab a global audience for each film. According to Box Office Mojo, in its first weekend the film made $102 million at the U.S. Box Office and has proceeded to impress critics. According to the LA Times, the film also made $147 million after debuting throughout the globe. David Spitz, Lionsgate’s executive vice president, said that the franchise on a whole is projected to break the $2 billon mark at the global box office, while the newest film has become one of the 34 films in U.S. film history to debut at $100 million on its opening weekend.

All Eyes on Tupac Shakur

One of the most prominent rappers in the 90's, Tupac Shakur (also known as 2Pac) changed the hip-hop and music scene for generations to come. Shakur was destined to be a music artist, rising to fame with several hit albums and singles, and his posthumous albums were equally successful. His music repertoire includes his first album with Interscope Records released in 1991, called “2pacalypse Now,” which was the first display of Tupac’s artistry, allowing his music to illustrate racial strength and conditions of inner-city life. The album became an underground hit and spawned eventually Tupac’s second album “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.” The hits “I Get Around” and “Keep Ya Head Up” were the most popular from the album. Shakur also created the first double disc of original material in hip-hop history, with his album “All Eyez on Me” (featuring hit “California Love"), an album produced with Dr. Dre’s Death Row Records. Sadly, Tupac was murdered shortly after his work with Dr. Dre. BrownTrout is proud to distribute the official 2016 calendar for Tupac Shakur.

Listen to John Lennon

BrownTrout is pleased to share the approved 2016 licensed calendar title “John Lennon.” The new calendar embraces the music persona and spirit of John Lennon, while the cover displays Lennon’s dedication to peace and anti-war activism. The significance behind the “Listen to This Button” is rooted in the popular campaign for Lennon's number one solo album “Wall & Bridges.” Most are familiar with his music achievements through the Beatles, arguably the most influential and beloved rock bands in the twentieth century. After the breakup of the Beatles, Lennon transitioned into a solo career, further proving his stand-alone status as an artist, by creating his critically-acclaimed single “Imagine.” The single was listed as #3 in Rolling Stone magazine’s “All-Time Best Songs” list. Just before his last solo album “Double Fantasy,” Lennon was killed at age 40, ending the music legend’s life and career prematurely. Known as one of the most brilliant musicians of our time, John Lennon’s influence still resonates with old and young generations alike, demonstrating the John Lennon calendar as a must-have for any dedicated fan.

Iron Maiden’s Legacy Lives On

A calendar perfect for any dedicated Iron Maiden fan, BrownTrout received approval for the Iron Maiden 2016 calendar. For over 40 years, Iron Maiden has been dedicated to their fans by creating music embodying a spirit of fearlessness and creative independence. Yet again, the band is on tour, making its rounds throughout the U.S. The tour has taken flight since their new album "Book of Souls" (their 16th studio album) and the reviews have been positive. Originally, the band was founded by Steve Harris in the mid 70’s, and a decade later, their fame skyrocketed through a third album called “The Number of the Beast” in 1982. The band went through a world wind of success for about a decade, with a string of seven studio albums, one live album, and seven World Tours. After a temporary breakup, in the late 90’s the band turned their music careers around, with the album “Brave New World” in 2000. This ultimately led to their first ever Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song “El Dorado,” further proving their endurance and strength as a rock band. Their upcoming 2016 tour will include six of seven continents and 35 countries.

Watch out for “Attack on Titan”

"Attack on Titan," a new 2016 title for BrownTrout, is not your ordinary manga series of comics. This cult favorite in Japan has found its way to North America, while becoming a favorite for many die-hard comic fans. The manga series (Japanese comics in anime) was originally created by Hajime Isayama. The setting for the comics is an alternate universe and post-apocalyptic world, dominated by human-eating monsters called Titans. The comics continue to be successful, considering there are 50 million copies in print of the manga series today. Moreover, the manga series has been developed into a 25-episode series in anime, and now, it's distributed in North America, considering the series' success in Japan. The popularity of the show is prevalent with the debut of a two-part movie based on the manga series. The first part was released on September 30, followed by part 2, released in US theaters on October 20- only a few weeks following part 1.

Catch ‘em all with “Pokémon GO”

The popular Japanese Anime TV Show, “Pokémon,” and BrownTrout's calendar title, has extended its reach from video games to the virtual world on our smart phones. “Pokémon GO” is the new mobile game for iPhone and Androids which creates a virtual reality for users, allowing fans to get lost in the beloved world of “Pokémon.” With this app, the player can see “Pokémon” in various locations, such as in local parks, downtown cities, and near famous historical monuments. The app overlaps the real world with “Pokémon,” while connecting players to other app users. This allows the world of “Pokémon” to be shared amongst people across the globe.  Conveniently, this can be downloaded as an app via Google Play Store on androids and for the iPhone via the App Store. The highly anticipated game should be released sometime in 2016.


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