2019 Franklin Covey

Franklin Planner and BrownTrout Partnership

The original FranklinPlanner system was created in 1984 by Hyrum W. Smith based on Benjamin Franklin’s planning habits. In later years, additional insights were added by Stephen R. Covey to strengthen the system further. This combination has produced an unparalleled planning system that helps millions of people work toward their goals each year. It is FranklinCovey’s time-tested system designed to maximize your daily efforts.

Today, BrownTrout Publishers, in partnership with FranklinCovey, is maximizing the availability of this effective planning system by debuting and distributing brand new planners for expanded retail distribution. BrownTrout’s Better Balance Planning System utilizes the best planning tools, while encompassing the FranklinCovey principles, and building upon their time-tested system.

The consummate FranklinCovey Planning System user will see familiar planning pieces and parts, and notice new tools and angles, in the Better Balance Planning System, to use in their personal planning. Best of all, BrownTrout gives you more than just pages to plan... we teach you how. Rarely seen in other planning systems, up to seven pages filled with a Step-by-Step Planning Guide are included. Why buy an effective planning system without training? Our Better Balance Planning System also comes with timely tips on planning
for the results that you want.

When Benjamin Franklin was 20 years old, he established a plan for his life and carried that plan with him every day in a small, private book. Today, effective planning habits make a difference, and BrownTrout’s new FranklinCovey Planners will help make that difference for your customers.

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2019 Franklin Covey