DogDays Halloween Sales

DogDays Halloween Sales.

On a cold and cloudless October night, deep among the twisting branches and thick, tangled woods, in a hole so dark and dank even most mold chickens out, something very small began to stir. At first it was no more than a whisper really. An inkling. A spark. Imperceptible even to the tiny birds and squirrels of the area. But not content to let this night pass peacefully, the thing grew noisily, rumbling their nests. This caused much concern for one mother squirrel in particular, who hurriedly swept up her young within the safety of her bushy tail. The mysterious power continued to shake the forest floor with increasing fury until up it sprang, sending copper-colored leaves flying in all directions (and spilling the well stacked acorns of the poor mother squirrel). For the power was not interested in birds or squirrels: It was the free Dog Days Halloween app, and it hungered for humble hounds to haunt! On a chilly autumn breeze it raced, out over the sodden ground, and with a shrill and terrible sound it headed toward the village below the woods.

Now the village was known far and wide for its unusually gifted and good-natured dogs, who were trusted so much by their humans that they were free to roam unattended. Many even had jobs that they performed dutifully, making up an important part of the village’s affairs. Should something become lost, they called upon any number of beautifully colored retrievers; the outlying fields were patrolled by black and white border collies; the basset hounds had recently started a bassetball league; the Dalmatians cleaned any unsightly spots; and the boxers – well, I’ll keep it brief. Simply put, there had not been a single leash sold in the town as long as anybody could remember.

On this particularly inhospitable night, the good people of the village were understandably indoors. The roaring, crackling comfort of their fires drowned the frightful howling of the force outside, and by midnight all were asleep. All humans at least, for their vigilant animal friends were circling, pacing, and could not get settled in their doggy beds. They had long been anticipating this date, the release of Dog Days, which they knew threatened to trap every adorable one of them in puzzles and games. But with its limited release, and image packs for $1.99 through Halloween night, they simply could not resist. And so a lowly sauntering yet dignified dachshund in long tuxedo tails (during the day he was a maître d’), a bichon frise with her hair still in curlers, singly and in pairs they slipped out of their houses, driven by dog-gone curiosity.

Next a very strange thing happened. The canine conjuring, which had seeped into every dark corner of the village, now converged directly on the square (and with it every dog in town). Around and around it swirled, enveloping the now very confused and frightened animals. Their hair stood on end and, in one fantastic and deafening voice, they barked and howled up at the mysterious force. But they could not stop it, and in a flash the town’s dog dwellers were transformed into hedonistic hell-hounds with a mischievous gleam in their eyes. A bucking bulldog brandishing his massive horns. A pack of saber-tooth Shih Tzu’s sharpening their newfound fangs. Deranged dobermaniacs growling and frothing at the mouth. The tremendous noise of it all would surely have woken the humans if it had kept up, but just as the monstrous miscreants were off to paint the town red (which, incidentally, the dogs could not see), they were sucked up and imprisoned, to be displayed within the Dog Days Halloween app.
Now their only chance is YOU! Download the free app today and unlock different dog images with each puzzle or game that you solve!