Desk Pad Calendars

Developing Desk Pad’s Brand New Layout for 2019

We want to show you beautiful update to our Desk Pad Calendars! Sales of Desk Pad Calendars have decreased over the last few years, but the changes we’ve made to them should re-energize this format in the BrownTrout line.

Design of our Desk Pad Calendars has been, more or less, the same since 2012. They were set up just like the square calendars—even utilizing the square grid—with a photo placed to the right. Not bad, but not particularly exciting.

Desk Pad Calendars

This year, we’ve completely revamped the look into one that’s fresh and modern! The main photo is now splayed across the top and fades into a beautiful flood of complementary color, making it extremely eye-catching. You also get a tease of all the other images in the calendar from the thumbnails that border the bottom of every page. Notice that, just like a web page might display images, these border images are faded back, but come to life one by one for each month.

Desk Pad Calendars  Desk Pad Calendars  Desk Pad Calendars

The layouts for Desk Pad Calendars are now fully aligned across entire desk pad line, so all can be displayed together and still look like a set, even though the content is quite different. There’s plenty of room for appointments within each grid, writing lines for notes, and modern, open space you can use as you see fit. And just like our Continental & Grand and the FranklinCovey titles, there’s a full year of mini-grids on every page, rotating forward every month—so by the time you get to the December 2019 page, the minis run through October 2020—great for future planning!

Our new Desk Pad Calendars are truly an updated, clean design, and are gorgeous to boot—we love the new look!

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