BTS Photo Collection Second Edition Ad 2021

BTS Change History and Take Over the World

Although BTS debuted under what was then a rather small entertainment agency in 2013, they showed us that they were the exception and not the rule. The septet stood out for many reasons, even as a rookie group. Although it may have been peculiar, Big Hit’s decision to debut a group that was more hip-hop than K-pop, choosing to go against the obvious glitz, glamour and fame, worked in their favor. They chose to encourage BTS to be celebrated for their vulnerability and honesty. One of the many reasons the band is so unique to other groups from Korea is because the members play a significant part in the production and writing of their own music.

BTS’ rise to fame was because people chose them to be their heroes, chose them to tell their stories and chose them to change history by being the first K-pop act to hit Number One on Billboard. Their impact has been no less than a revolution and it all started just because of these seven boys and their love for hip-hop. BTS’ acceptance and acclaim in hip-hop is inspiring. Not only does it represent a side of hip-hop that mainstream pop culture ignores, but the group’s rise in the genre has made more space for more lyrical poetry, non-English rap, feminine boys, and so much more. BTS’ influence on the world will be spoken about for centuries and will be read about in history books.

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