BTS Photo Collection Second Edition Ad 2021

Breaking all the Records with BTS

2020 has been a big year for K-pop band BTS, between two album releases—Map of the Soul: 7 and Be—as well as the release of their number one Billboard Hot 100 single "Dynamite." The seven-member band is the first K-pop group to ever top the U.S. album charts and has skyrocketed to the top of the music world since their debut in 2013.

In the seven years since they came on the music scene, BTS's list of accomplishments is ever-growing. Each year, the band finds more and more success, with 2020 shaping up to be one full of accomplishments for the group. Their 2020 single "Dynamite" might be their most popular yet. The music video already broke YouTube streaming records and grabbed the number one spot on top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Fans got to enjoy the debut performance of the song at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, where the group picked up awards for Best Pop, Best K-pop, Best Group, and Best Choreography.

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