Pacific Rim Blu-Ray DVD winners.

Thank you all for participating in our Pacific Rim Promotion that has been running for the past 2 weeks by sharing one of our image with the #BTPacRim hashtag.

Winners will receive a private message today explaining how to receive their prize. For those of you who didn't win, don't worry we have other promotions coming up shortly.

Congratulation to our 25 winners:

1.Clayton Mitchell
2.Eric Son
3.JD Fievet
4.Rayn Patzkozky
5.Melinda Starkweather
6.Mary Benack
7.Frank Cerros
8.Austin Barnes
9.Ciara, Weave
10.Paul Brian McCoy
11.Donald Arthur Ashton
12.Brittney Hutagalung
13.Kathy McCrae (KatM21)
14.Gabby Crabby
15.Bethanny Ramsey
16.Melissa Tippie
17.James Allen
18.Lori Frizell
19.Gustavo Lopez
20.Geek Dad
21.Crystal L Allen
22.Dana Esker
23.Kristina W
25.Donna Pierson